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No Serenade, No Fire Brigade....The Eclectiblogs Interview with Phil Collen

Def Leppard is a band that has always been more focused on making good Rock Music than by keeping up with trends. In fact, even when the Rock world attempted to neatly place them in a category during the '80's and early '90's, for the duration all they seemed to continue to do was to be who they were instinctively.

Today, the saga continues...as they still stick to their musical guns and do what they do best. Namely, rock...melodically.

Guitarist Phil Collen, a vital ingredient in both their dual guitar and multiple vocal attack- was kind enough to take some time to talk to Eclectiblogs about the band, as well as his other powerful and diverse band, Manraze.

CL: Mr. Collen, I truly appreciate your taking the time to interview with Eclectiblogs. To give you perspective, I was in High School when "Hysteria" came out. There was a great deal of excitement upon its release and it obviously lived up to and exceeded expectations. As an actual player and writer...how would you reflect on that time period now in hindsight?

PC: I feel really privileged to have been involved in something that allowed us four years of writing and recording to express ourselves. It's something that would never happen again. The main credit goes to Mutt Lange who had the vision and talent to see it through and make it happen.

CL: I mentally prepared for this interview by listening again to much of the band's catalog. There simply is just one great track after another. Are there songs that you personally especially love to still play live? Why so?

PC: Obviously 'Pour Some Sugar'….as it brings out the stripper in everyone…including the guys. And 'Rocket' as it sums up the band in a nutshell. We name check a lot of artists that influenced us. It's anthemic with massive tribal drums, huge backing vocals-one of our trademarks- and big guitars all done rather 'manly' while not taking ourselves too seriously.

CL: People and industry love to categorize...the bands you shared heavy MTV rotation were often all put together as a genre. Yet Def Leppard had its roots and interests beyond what one might have expected on the surface. Do you feel being known as a "Metal" "Pop Metal" band is too shallow to describe what your band is truly all about?

PC: (Emphatically) YES. I do think the whole pop metal scene was quite shallow and we had nothing to do with it except sharing a time period hence the bracket. We were never a part of any movement. Our agenda was to make the best rock album ever. I always felt that put us in a class of our own.

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